Our Mission is Moving People

Communities of all sizes and types - from small mountain resorts to large urban cities - use Downtowner’s software and operations to deploy on-demand, fixed route and flex route transit systems. We think of our clients as partners. Their success is our success.

Transportation solutions for every need

We offer turnkey programs operated by Downtowner as well as software licensing to partners who wish to do their own operating.


Never provided transportation before or looking to outsource your transit program to a trusted provider? Downtowner has over 8 years of experience designing and operating microtransit and fixed route programs for cities and transit agencies.


Configure fully automated transit networks, view data-driven operational insights and oversee up to millions of passenger trips. Downtowner offers scalable, custom transportation technology to fit every need.

Service Types

Downtowner combines any mix of service types into a single, user friendly app.


Door to door or door to hub

Fixed Routes

Dedicated stops

Flex Routes

Dedicated stops plus locations within designated deviation zones

Masking Complexity

We built our software to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Our platform design allows us to input all the things that make transit complex to riders, drivers and management and output easy to use, easy to operate, highly efficient systems.

Driver Staffing
Auto Dispatching
Performance Tracking
Onsite Management
Ridership Reporting
Overlapping Services
Grouping Rides
Customer Service
Vehicle Sourcing
Integrated Service Types

One Transportation

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